Privacy Policy

Connectcity Privacy Policy
Connectcity Technology Pvt. Ltd  users' privacy. We request all our users to read the following 'privacy policy' to understand how their personal & business information will be treated, as they make full use of our services to their benefit. This policy is applicable only to the entire network of marketplaces operated by CONNECTCITY and not by any other company.
CONNECTCITY collects information from its users when they register to gain access to our services or at other specific instances when they are requested to provide us with their personal & business information. During registration, we ask the users for their name, email address, business information and other personal details. Once a user registers, he/she is no longer anonymous to connectcity and it is deemed that the user has given CONNECTCITY the right to publish the desired business & personal details throughout its marketplaces, including but not limited to, business directory, trade leads, catalogs etc.
We also gather usage statistics such as pages viewed, number of unique visitors, browser software, screen resolution etc. for analysis that helps us provide you improved user experience and services.
We record buying and browsing activities of our users including but not limited to their client's contact details and profiles and uses the same to provide value-added services to our users. 
Sharing of Information
As a general rule, CONNECTCITY will not disclose or share any of the user's personally identifiable information except when CONNECTCITY has the user's permission or under special circumstances, such as when CONNECTCITY believes in good faith that the law requires it or as permitted in terms of this policy. 
CONNECTCITY does not display user email addresses on marketplace to avoid extraction by email extractors. 
Updation of Information
A user may edit his/her account information and profile by logging onto our website and/or by sending a request  The requested changes may take upto 30 days to appear online because of verification process and server cache policies. 
A user account can be deleted or deactivated, but doing so will result in the user not being able to access any members-only area of the network. Residual information will remain within our archive records. 
CONNECTCITY takes necessary steps, within its limits of commercial viability and necessity, to ensure that the user's information is treated securely. 
Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. As a result, while CONNECTCITY strives to protect the user's personal & business information, it cannot ensure the security of any information transmitted to CONNECTCITY and you do so at your own risk. Once CONNECTCITY receives your transmission, it makes best efforts to ensure its security in its systems. Please keep in mind that whenever you post personal & business information online, that is accessible to the public, you may receive unsolicited messages from other parties. 
Changes in Privacy Policy
The policy may change from time to time so please check periodically.