About US

Connectcity is a website through which shop owners/office’s can easily represent themselves in all over India Online. Any Customers from anywhere India can go through that website and also can get to know the “status” of the shop whether it is “closed” or open which will make their work easier & more convenient..

When we will select any of the category of the shop when we will get to see those shops only in that particular city. There are lot many options available for the customer to choose the shops accordingly of same kind.

Any customer from anywhere in “word” can search any shop in all over “India” through this website.Any customer can know the open & close status of any shop at that particular point of time.Customer can easily save their time & money by using this website.Customers who are new in city can easily located any shop through navigation.Customer can easily able to contact any particular shop for and enquiry..

Customer can easily see the pictures of the shop and the video also which is uploaded in the website.Shopkeepers can easily publicize them all over the world online.Shopkeepers can easily check how many customers had visited their shop on daily basis.Shopkeepers can easily convey the message to their customers regarding discount or anything.Shopkeepers can easily maker their customers through this website and can earn profit very easily..